I have a Rasberry Pi connected to my Windows 7 LAN port, which gets internet via "Wifi sharing" enabled in my laptop. When ever SSH/VNC access is required for Rasberry Pi, I check the IP assigned to Rasberry Pi from the display and use it (usually in address range).

However, I need a cmdline method to configure and get the client IP details from my Windows 7 labtop. Using netsh or any other mode of tools in Windows 7. Also prefer to set static IP for my Rasberry client (if possible).

Most sites talk about configuring/sharing wifi hotspot over command line. None deals with cmdline option for wifi sharing over ethernet and get client list.

Thanks in advance.

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  • I have searched through many sites, but most state only windows wifi hotspot via cmdline. None talks about my requirements, hence want to check whether the mentioned request can be done. – Murukz-userm Jan 11 at 3:38