I have an Excel sheet that looks like this:

Event City  | Sale Date
Los Angeles | 6/19/18
Los Angeles | 6/25/18
Los Angeles | 6/29/18
Phoenix     | 6/20/18
Phoenix     | 6/27/18
Phoenix     | 7/14/18

I need to figure out how to return, using a formula, the earliest Sale Date using the Event City.

For instance, using a formula I need to be able to specify "Los Angeles" and have it return "6/18/18".

I'm not even sure where to begin. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


If you are running Office 365/Office 2019, the MINIFS function is what you are looking for. See here for more info: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/minifs-function-6ca1ddaa-079b-4e74-80cc-72eef32e6599


Where B2:B7 is your range of sale dates, A2:A7 is your range of cities, and E4 is the city name you are looking up.

enter image description here

If you are on an older version of Office, use the following array formula instead - be sure to enter it with Ctrl-Shift-Enter:


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