I have a SSD (Samsung 960 EVO; write speed 1500MB/s) in my client system. One of my folders ("Downloads") is on located HDD-based NAS (write speed 10MB/s): downloading and extracting files in this folder is quite slow compared to using the SSD alone.

I've turned on "Always available offline" for this folder and edited the Group Policy Editor setting to put my client system in "Slow link mode" (where all read/writes happen on the client system and are only background-synced to the server hours later.).

screenshot of GP editor

I've tried Latency=0.1, Latency=1, Throughput=10000000 (10 GB/s), and Throughput=100000000000000 (100 PB/s). None of these have worked. To test, I extract same zip in that network folder (10 seconds) and on my desktop (~500 milliseconds).

This issue was detailed here, but I can't seem to get the fix to work for me by setting a very high minimum throughput or very low latency (though I average 1ms to 2ms anyways). It's definitely a throughput issue and not a latency issue.

Has anyone used "Configure slow-link mode"? How do you get it to work?

ValueName=* Value=Throughput=100000000000000

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