I am trying to rank the clients based on fees. As I've shown in below table, in column A I have the country and column B the client name. So I want to find the Ranking in column D based on fee has been charged in column C. I have over 20K clients and I have tried to do it in Pivot table but it does not make a clear ranking for me because of the two criteria listing.

Which combination of formulas would solve this problem?

My table;

    A          B           C         D
1   Country   N-Client    Fees      Rank
2   Belgium   A Company   $720       
3   Canada    A Company   $210       
4   Belgium   B Company   $1300      
5   Canada    A Company   $500       
6   Canada    C Company   $600       

Thank you

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  • Is there any reason why you can't simply sort the table on the values in C? – cybernetic.nomad Jan 11 at 18:07
  • Did you try the RANK function? – fixer1234 Jan 12 at 16:55

I solved this by setting up a helper column then a rank column. Set helper column row 2 to the following then copy down the sheet so the B2 at the end gets incremented to b3,b4 etc...:


Then set a rank column (starting with row 2 and copying down) with the following replacing D:D with the column you choose above for the helper subtotal column:


You should end up with your ranked column with the highest paying company+country at the top and working down.

Edit: hmm this does result in duplicate entries. You could copy your rank column, paste(special)-values somewhere then do a duplicate removal on it.

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