I've been investigating the implementation of CTAP2 protocol with Google Chrome (protocol between Fido Authenticator and Fido Client (e.g. Chrome)), which should be supported in Chrome since version 69.

So I dumped the chrome request to the authenticator in two cases:

1. U2F (CTAP1) with yubico demo website.

Here everything goes as expected and chrome follows the CTAP1 protocol.

2. FIDO2/Webauthn (CTAP2) with webauthn.org

And the browser has a strange behaviour:

  • It starts by following the CTAP2 protocol by sending a AuthenticatorGetInfoRequest
  • The Authenticator replies with AuthenticatorGetInfoResponse
  • But then Chrome switches to the CTAP1 protocol by sending a Registration Request Message (U2F_REGISTER)

Is it a problem with Chrome implementation: CTAP2 is not enabled entirely yet (it seems to be implemented in Chromium sources)?

Or is the problem coming from the authenticator: sending a response that makes Chrome switch to CTAP1?

Or something else entirely?

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