I have a dropdown with a query where I get 4 values (OS: WIn7, Win10, Win8, WinVista) from a table.

I now can go to all my Servers and I see their Value since I did this with filling in the ID (I have a relationship in the tbl Server with a fk_OS from tbl OS)

When I change the value in the dropbox, it changes the table OS instead of the value in the table server.

Has anyone an idea how to change this?

  • A detailed diagram of your table structure would be useful, including the relationships... – Kinnectus Jan 11 at 16:11
  • at this moment there are just two table tbl_Server pk_ID Name fkOS tbl_OS pk_ID NameOS tbl_OS.pk_OS has a one to many relation to tbl_Server.fk_OS in the form I have a getOS query bound to the Combobox What I want is that I can go torugh my Server and the Combobox Shows the OS of that Server. This works. But if I want to change it for one record, it overwrites the record in the tbl_OS itself for example: system01 OS: Win7 now I choose Win10 from the Combobox -> all Systems with Win7 have now Win10. In the tbl_OS the record Win7 was overwritten with value Win10 – Tehral Jan 15 at 8:41
  • Maybe this helps a bit more: I want to use my Form to edit Systeminfos In the end I will Display all the attributes of a System in this form and I want to be able to Change the System records values with dropdowns – Tehral Jan 15 at 9:36

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