Hiya I am trying to learn how to figure out myself how to enter tabs where I need them, so, right now I have;

Kona Cotton: Violet Craft Designer Palette - Violet Craft FQ-1481-20$28.00 per bundle

What I need is;

Kona Cotton: Violet Craft Designer Palette - Violet Craft [TAB] FQ-1481-20[TAB]$28.00 per bundle

And the codes are all different, the only thing that wont change is the $ sign placement right next to the product code, and the product code will always start with FQ-

  1. Find what: _FQ- Replace with: _\t_FQ- (I replaced spaces with underscores, for readability)
  2. Find what: $ Replace with: \t$

Search Mode: Extended: This will use a true TAB character for \t.

Notepad++ screenshot

  • Ctrl+H
  • Find what: \h+(FQ-.+?)(?=\$)
  • Replace with: \t$1\t
  • check Match case
  • check Wrap around
  • check Regular expression
  • UNCHECK . matches newline
  • Replace all


\h+         # 1 or more horizontal spaces
(           # start group 1
  FQ-       # literally FQ-
  .+?       # 1 or more any character but newline, not greedy
)           # end group
(?=\$)      # positive lookahead, zero-length assertion that make sure we have a $ sign after


\t          # a tabulation
$1          # content of group 1
\t          # a tabulation

Result for given example:

Kona Cotton: Violet Craft Designer Palette - Violet Craft   FQ-1481-20  $28.00 per bundle

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