I have some sample HTML here and I am trying to select the text inside of the <a> tag:

<div class="fsCalendarDaybox fsStateHasEvents">
<div class="fsCalendarDate" data-day="10" data-year="2019" data-month="0">
    <span class="fsCalendarDay">Thu,</span> 
    <span class="fsCalendarMonth">Jan</span>10
<div class="fsCalendarInfo">        
    <a class="fsCalendarEventTitle fsCalendarEventLink" title="D Day " data-occur-id="292598" href="#">D Day</a>

There are many more similar chucks on the website, and I need to be able to select the correct Letter Day (the value inside of <a> tag) based on an input day and month. Here is the Swift code that I am trying to use right now:

func parseData(dataToParse:String) -> String {
    let Month = 0
    let Day = 10
        let doc = try SwiftSoup.parse(dataToParse)
            let innerDiv = try doc.select("div.fsCalendarDate[data-day=\(Day)][data-month=\(Month)] + div.fsCalendarInfo")
                let a = try innerDiv.select("a.fsCalendarEventTitle")
                print(try a.text() as Any)
                if(try a.text() != nil){
                    return (try a.text())
                    return "empty"
        return "ERROR"

Unfortunately, I am getting all sorts of errors and I cannot consistently select the correct <div> element with the correct date. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  • I think I figured out my issue here (using commas messed everything up), but if anyone else has a more efficient way to select this element I would love to hear it! – Nolan Gelinas Jan 11 at 15:50

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