I already have a ~/.tmux.conf file that works fine for me and is shared across multiple Linux servers. Now I would like to start using tmux on my work Windows machine for local stuff. On that front I installed cygwin, configured mintty and pulled my tmux config. Now I'm fiddling with the options to set it up in such a way as to avoid having to press the prefix-key twice when interacting with the remote server or to avoid having two almost identical status bars on top of each other.

My first idea was to create a special .tmux.conf.remote file, use source-file to import my standard tmux configuration, then continue by listing this special session's options and creating an alias that creates/attaches to this named session and loads the special remote config, something like tmux new-session -A -s remote \; source-file ~/.tmux.conf.remote.

Unfortunately, this has some limitations. It seems I cannot create session-specific key bindings. And window-options affect either only the current window or all windows across all sessions, but not all windows inside one specific session.

Can anyone suggest a better solution? Basically, I would like to interact with an existing tmux session on my server (haven't found a way to connect directly to a remote session! That would have been the best solution!). I would like to avoid having to open more than one mintty window. I don't want to be using a different shortcut to pass the prefix to the remote session (when then rather the other way around, to use a different prefix in this special session and this is already working). Any thoughts or hacks are appreciated :-)

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