So i have a user who is trying to load an E-Learning course that uses Flash as a slideshow type of thing and it takes forever to load on his PC. I tried it on another PC that is in the building and it too took forever to load no matter what browser you launch the course on.

Now i tried the same website on my office PC that's offsite elsewhere and it loaded the flash objects instantly.

The user claims that he had the same issue last time and claims it was the firewall but based on the past tickets he's submitted, it was not. They have a Cisco ASA 5505 and the only thing that would, if any, affect it would be traffic policing but its only policing up to their total bandwidth.

I have tried:

  1. Clearing Temp with CLEANMGR.
  2. Clear Browser Cache, History, Cookies.
  3. Try IE, Chrome and Firefox (IE so far is doing way better).
  4. Double Check firewall to make sure nothing is being blocked.
  5. Ran speed test to make sure he doesnt have slow internet, currently has ~40mbps x 40mbps.
  6. Tried different user accounts.
  7. Toggle on/off HW Acceleration on Flash setings and on Browser settings.

None of this has ever made flash load fast enough compared to my office PC.

Any ideas what could be the cause and if there is a fix for this?

  • In FF, can you check Web Developer --> Network to see where the hangup is? Not saying it's the browser, but you might be able to see what element(s) are involved. – user3169 Jan 13 at 6:29

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