I bought a new notebook. Everything works perfectly, except:

In irregular intervals, a flickering, horizontal dotted line appears on the very top of the screen (see picture). Sometimes there is nothing wrong for twenty minutes, then the flickering starts again:


I assume this is a hardware problem. Should I send the notebook back?

Thanks for your help. Best regards, maniacmindhunter

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    Does the happen both on mains and battery? Is it.location dependent? – davidgo Jan 11 at 22:27
  • Happens on mains and battery. I don't know what you mean by location. It certainly doesn't matter where I use the laptop. The problem predominantly occurs when I use tasks in full screen and I have never seen them when doing nothing on the desktop screen - weird. They usually occur when the laptop has got a task to do and is processing. – user984084 Jan 11 at 22:47
  • From this we can deduce that the problem is likely caused by power draw,and not related to line noise. I would be inclined to take it back because it seems like there is a failing cap or similar. – davidgo Jan 12 at 1:08
  • Okay, thanks for helping me out. Any chance it is caused by drivers though? I use Fedora 29 on an HP laptop with onboard Intel graphics. – user984084 Jan 12 at 10:15
  • Its conceivable but unlikely. – davidgo Jan 12 at 18:06

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