this is the article i am following: https://github.com/corna/me_cleaner/wiki/External-flashing

And yes i got out.bin, ifd_shrinked.bin, and me_shrinked.bin. What makes it confusing is that he or she flashed "modified_image.bin," and i do not have that file. I want to know as to which file i need to flash back to my bios chip, in order to continue to install coreboot.

  • while i'm not familiar wtih this hardware I think maybe 'laptop' is totally the wrong tag. I don't think you are flashiing the BIOS/UEFI that is on your laptop.. if you were then the guy at that link would have to know what laptop you have / details about the motherboard of that laptop. – barlop Jan 11 at 22:28
  • I am externally flashing a bios chip with usb spi programmer that i de solder from a laptop. – Curiousdemon Jan 11 at 22:33
  • ok but then it seems you're not asking about the laptop . Once you desoldered it from the laptop, the laptop became irrelevant. In 20 years with computers I haven't done anything like this. Is this an electronic engineering thing you are doing? 'cos if so then maybe (i'm not sure but maybe) you could ask here electronics.stackexchange.com – barlop Jan 11 at 22:47
  • That is true, i am not asking about the laptop at all. I am asking to which file i need to flash to my bios chip after using ME_CLEANER tool. I don't think it is a electronic engineering, because I am only disabling the ME_FIRMWARE in order to install coreboot internally. – Curiousdemon Jan 11 at 22:59
  • I just googled ME CLEANER and I ithink I see where your question is coming from.. you're probably not comnig from an EE background. You're just concerned re security and have been forced to look into this kind of thing DIY: Disabling Intel ME 'Backdoor' on your Computer youtube.com/watch?v=aRUxfxp9dJ8 I haven't done it myself but it seems plausible that maybe somebody here has – barlop Jan 11 at 23:09

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