I have as primary router an ASUS RT-AC51U (A) (where only 3-4 clients are connected via wifi with address reservation and / or static IP on the machine), as secondary one ASUS RT-AC1200G + (B) (here they are connected 10 clients via wifi and LAN port, including a NAS, Raspberry, etc. Also here there are clients with address reservation and other static IPs). It works perfectly but I have a problem: if I'm connected to router B, I can also access router A, on the contrary when I'm connected to router A, I can not connect either to router B or to NAS etc, obviously because I find on different LAN network classes right?

Router Configuration A Static IP WAN (assigned by ISP) = Subnet Mask WAN = Gateway (assigned by ISP) Public IP = (static) IP LAN = Subnet Mask LAN = DHCP LAN = from to DNS = From ISP IP LAN Router B (Assigned by me) =

Router Configuration B IP WAN (automatic) = Subnet Mask WAN (automatic) = Gateway (automatic) = DNS (automatic) = IP LAN = Subnet Mask LAN = DHCP LAN = from to

I state that I have a house on three floors and the primary router A is on the last floor above, the router B at the bottom below. Before I had chosen the LAN-to-LAN configuration but, being the router less efficient and without Gigabit ports than the router B, I wanted to try to manage most of the clients and streaming traffic etc, to the router B. But now I have the problems explained at the beginning, does anyone have a solution?

Thanks everyone in advance guys

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    Check out whether router B can be configured as an access point rather than a router. Currently router B puts a firewall and NAT between the two networks. – MZB Jan 12 at 12:20
  • Yes, the router B can be configured in Acces Point Mode, but I think I will return to the solution I have already tried, ie in LAN-to-LAN, simply extending the network from the top to the bottom and unfortunately managing everything to primary router A, which is less performing. – Shane Jan 12 at 17:41
  • I read a few days ago the answers given here superuser.com/questions/641036/…, I still have not tried though and I do not know if it's more or less like my problem. – Shane Jan 12 at 18:51

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