I use extension of Firefox: "Multi-Account Containers". In this extension I have several created containers related with some sites. I need to transfer this settings to Firefox in my another computer. How to transfer this settings without synchronization of Firefox account?

P.S. I use Linux Mint 19.1.


Latest version of Firefox can sync containers. Yeayyy

In your case you can copy the containers.js file and storage file to the new computer. However it causes problems as other PC’s storage gets deleted. Sync is the safest option.

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  • syncing doesn't seem to work and ~/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxx.default/browser-extension-data/@testpilots/containers.js seems to have been replaced by storage.js.migrated which is not altered when one modifies one's containers settings. I'm still trying to figure this out by following some info here – mikemtnbikes Aug 24 at 14:46
  • Wait! Sync does work if, critically, you 'enable sync' within the containers preference settings. This option is now given with fresh installs if you begin the set up process for containers. – mikemtnbikes Aug 24 at 14:53

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