My setup is

  • raspberry-pi 2
  • archlinux

I statically assign eth0 a IP address such as No matter how I do that (via /etc/netctl/eth0 or via cli: ip addr add dev eth0); every time the smsc95xx module detects a change on eth0 (either by having done netcl restart eth0 or physically disconnecting/connecting the ethernet cable) it resets eth0 and the address is lost.

I know smsc95xxx is guilty because:

  • every time it detects a change in eth a message appears ("smsc95xx ... link down" and later "smsc95xx ... link up")
  • if ip is assigned by hand (ip addr add) and the cable is not switched off and in, then, IP address is kept and ping works as expected
  • if ip is assigned by netctl, the IP address is kept until the "sms95xx link up" message appears.

I heavily researched on this, with no success :-(


You have to check if there is something on


and remove, for instance,


if so. It seems that smsc95xx, in some way, uses these files to reconfigure eth0. Also do

systemctl disable dhcpcd@eth0

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