Window list, C-a w bound to choose-tree -w currently looks like this. It looks cramped when you navigate to deeply nested folders.

(0)  - 0: 2 windows (attached)
(1)  ├─> 1: vim- (1 panes) "vim   /home/nishant"
(2)  └─> 2: fish* (1 panes) "fish   /home/nishant"

Is it possible to change the format to just show only the process name?

(0)  - 0: 2 windows (attached)
(1)  ├─> vim- (1 panes)
(2)  └─> fish* (1 panes)

This does the trick:

bind-key w choose-tree -F "#{window_name}"
  • Thanks to nicm from irc.freenode.org! – Nishant Jan 15 at 12:13

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