I am trying to create custom google cloud search using the following document:

G Suite Admin Help - Create a Custom Search

For some reason, the Search settings under Cloud Search are not appearing

Cloud Search settings screenshot

The help documentation indicates gsuite enterprise is required. The account used is indeed enterprise with super admin access. It is unclear however if a service account is required.

Accounts - Admin roles & privileges

If this documentation is correct, the cloud search settings in the admin console should show the datasource/ApplicationID settings. Are the support docs outdated?

Documentation - Create a search application

The sample project for creating a cloud search interface using the default datasource throws a 403 permissions error for any query to the API. I suspect this may be related to the same underlying issue. GsuiteDevs Cloud Seach Sample on Github


It's possible that support for this feature is limited to select customers.

https://gsuite.google.com/products/cloud-search/ We are expanding Cloud Search to support third-party content repositories with a first wave of customers.

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