If someone can refer me to a good tutorial on Windows 7 small office networking/sharing/workgroups/homegroups that would be helpful for me.

In our office we have just 3 user computers interconnected (by cables) by a wireless router which is, in turn, connected to a cable modem for internet connectivity.

One of the computers acts as a "server" on which is stored the office data files. All 3 computers access these files.

The problems arise, in large part, because I don't understand what the designers were thinking when they created the concepts of workgroups and homegroups as it relates to sharing of files/folders and how that relates to the creation of individual user login profiles on just one computer vs. more than one computer; i.e. creating a user login profile on the "server" computer for users on the other two computers.

I have established a workgroup rather than a homegroup on the network. I think.

I'd like to feel confident about configuring this minimal network and feel is was bulletproof.


The real problem today is that one of the two non-server computers, out of the blue, is losing access to what are shared folders on the server. The problem is corrected by rebooting the server and problematic user computer.

Q: What could be causing this loss of access?

As an aside: although we have had such issues in the past, I do note that the server had some Windows updates added the night before these issues arose most recently.

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