I building a docker image from a Dockerfile (downloaded from git hub). In the Dockerfile, there is such a line:

RUN useradd -m user
USER user

after this all the subsequent procedures happened under "user". When I was using the image, however, I realized that I was stuck inside "user" and couldn't switch to root anymore, because I don't know the password for root. The password was never specified inside the Dockerfile. The image is based on Centos7

How did this happen and is there a way to get the password?

I would really appreciate any hints!

Thank you so much


Once you're running an unprivileged docker container, you can't switch up to root from here without having set up a root password.

Fortunately, you don't have to setup a root password (and you should not). Instead, you can spawn a new process or container as root with the -u option:

docker run -u root imagename


docker exec -u root containername bash

Hint: also add -it flag if you need to interact with the process on the terminal.

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