I am having a issue (not sure is my fault). I am testing an old version of linux (trying to compile a program in ld GLIBC). This Ubuntu 12.04 came with Python 3.4 which is not compatible with my Pypi packages, so I have installed pyenv and a python version 3.6.4. I also have set up pyenv local and global for 3.6.4. I have created a virtual enviroment (virtualenv) I could soulve the issue regarding Pip install. However, when I install some packages like python-tk (build for 3.6.4) from local folder (which I get from another ditro (Ubuntu 18). system says that I can´t install because current Python version is 3.4. Why they don´t consider the pyenv python version. I have used the following comand: dpkg --force-all -i ./Initial/files1/*.deb usig apt-get for especific file is the same - they look at system python version. Do you some how to handle this issue?

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