I have a laptop with a 1tb hdd, a 256gb ssd, and an NVIDIA GTX 1050 gpu.

My Question

is there a setup that would allow for:

  1. Linux and a windows to run simultaneously, through KVM or the like*
  2. The GPU to be hot swappable between OSs. Meaning the GPU would stay in the host machine, and the host has the ability to move the GPU virtually between OSs^

The Linux distro is not much of a concern, I'm currently using Arch, but if another distro is easier to do this kind of work I'm happy to broaden my knowledge

What I've Investigated

My main problem is the requirement of a USB to store config on, I may investigate a hack to remove this requirement, I also haven't found much evidence that hotswapping is possible

*Linux would run most of the time and would display the guest machines as windows, so could be used as the host
^virtual access would be good enough, ie. guest OSs attach to a virtual GPU, and the host distributes the load to the physical device

  • What exactly is a hot swappable gpu? You want to physically unplug a gpu and swap it with another one, while running an OS plus a VM? – Xen2050 Jan 18 at 23:44
  • Sorry, my aim is to leave the GPU in place, but be able to pass the device to different VMs. Like physically removing it and putting it in another machine, but virtually. I have updated my question to clarify – Alice Jacka Jan 18 at 23:58

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