I am trying to sync my actual LDS instance from Windows Server 2008 to my new test LDS instance on a Windows Server 2016.

Sync from LDS Server: because we created custom attributes and there are thousands of users.

Instance names:

Windows Server 2008: intern (Source Server)

Windows Server 2016 - Testserver: interntest (Target Server)


I can't define the Port in ADAMSYNC Config XML (see error below. It uses the standard port 389, which is the wrong port for out LDS instance.

On LDS server (source and target) we use the port 50000.

Is there a way to change that?

Establishing connection to target server localhost:50000.

Saving Configuration File on DC=interntest,DC=my,DC=dn

Saved configuration file.

ADAMSync is querying for a writeable replica of OLDLDSSERVER.

Error: DCLocator call failed with error 1355. Attempting to bind directly to string.

Establishing connection to source server OLDLDSSERVER:389.

Ldap error occured. ldap_bind_s: Server Down. 

Extended Info: .

Ldap error occured. ldap_bind_s: Server Down. 

Extended Info: .

The correct way should be normally: First Replicate the Win 2008 LDS Server to Win 2016 and set up the sync. But the problem for this method is, that we can't edit the Partition/DN of the instance.

It should be "DC=interntest,DC=...", after replication it changes to "DC=intern,DC=..."

I am thankful for all help and information.

My ADAMSYNC config xml:

  <description>UserStore - configuration file</description>     

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