I have an app which requires the use of certain Win+key commands for various functions, and I can't remap these shortcuts. Many Win+ shortcuts can be disabled in regedit using the method described here (but adding the registry keys instead of removing them): https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/winkey-shortcuts-not-working-enable-all-hotkeys/

I need to disable only the Windows/Explorer functionality of these shortcuts/hotkeys, but leave them working so that they can be used in this app as intended.

Is there any way to disable all of the following Win+ shortcut functionality in Windows/Explorer, BUT still leave them capable of being used in other applications?


Also, any other Win+ shortcuts listed here, like Win+Crtl+D, Win+←/↑/→/↓, etc.: https://www.onmsft.com/news/heres-full-list-keyboard-shortcuts-windows-10

The idea is to make Windows (explorer) totally ignore any shortcuts involving the Windows key without disabling those shortcuts from being sent so that they will work in other apps.

Even if this requires several different settings and registry changes to disable specific shortcuts, I don't mind doing it. But so far, I haven't found a way to disable most of them without totally disabling the shortcut from being used elsewhere, and some I can't seem to disable at all (like Win+L to lock the computer).

Thank you!

  • Note that the desktop is also an explorer instance ... – harrymc Jan 18 at 17:01

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