I am trying to connect Macbook and notebook with Fedora using ethernet cable in order to make HTTP request, so far with no success. I am also unable to find any sufficient tutorial (for beginners at least).

For now I'd like to be able to at least ping between the devices.

  • Do the notebooks have IP address? What are you trying to ping using? – music2myear Jan 18 at 18:33
  • 1) Google how to set up a static address both on MacOS and Linux (ifconfig, ip addr ...). 2) Run a DHCP server (easier on Linux). 3) Read up on tcpdump and wireshark, google a generic networking tutorial (LAN segments, static/dynamic addresses), read all of it, and learn how it works by looking at actual packet exchanges. – dirkt Jan 18 at 18:33

Directly connecting two devices with ethernet requires a crossover cable or a ports which can auto-sense this. Aside from that, it's fairly basic, assign them two different class C private addresses (192.168.1.x) with a subnet, and ensure firewalls etc are turned off. You'll have to use their IPs for any sort of communication, and not hostname, as there will be no DNS with this config.

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