We have a number of staff/ clients using Chrome to manage various Content Management Systems (i.e. Squarespace, Shopify, Silverstripe, Wordpress etc.)

In some cases the users want to add a non-breaking space. For example they might want Our Company Limited to not break in a new line:

Our Company


In HTML this can be done by writing Our Company Limited but many of the users aren't technically savvy or can't enter raw HTML into their CMSs.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts they can use to enter a non breaking space into a text box in Chrome?


You can use the operating system specific keyboard shortcuts. They work in most applications, including Chrome.

Linux: Ctrl+Shift+u, a0, Space

Explanation: press Ctrl+Shift+u; then type a0; then press Space or Enter

Windows: Left Alt + 255

Explanation: Hold Left Alt; while holding it, type 255 on the number pad; release Left Alt

Mac OS: Opt + Space

I haven't tested the Mac OS one (do not have Mac on hand), but Wikipedia suggests it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-breaking_space#Keyboard_entry_methods


On Windows, you can implement an AHK script for such shortcuts.

With my project (see this topic), you can type a non-breaking space as :

AltGr + Space.

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