I have several external hard drives connected via USB 3.1 (type c) that continually disappear midway through moving or copying files to another drive. This a temporary problem, and the drives normally reappear on their own after a few minutes. In a few cases, they don't reappear until the external drive is restarted. Sometimes not until the PC is restarted.

Problem occurs every time I attempt to move more than one or two files. Problem ONLY occurs when drives are mounted to NTFS folder. Problem goes away if the drive is assigned a drive letter instead.

Problem ONLY occurs during move / copy. Downloading to and reading from the drives otherwise works fine.

I've done extensive troubleshooting and tried every solution I've found online (none of which was specific to NTFS-mounted drives) including but not limited to:

  • checking drives for errors
  • confirming I have latest drivers installed
  • confirmed that power settings aren't turning off the drives or USB controllers
  • changed USB cables

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