there is an application that needs certification to work fine, in Linux, there is no problem but I want to run this on a windows machine. I have Installed Java on my windows 10 system.

then I Download that jnlp application to run it on my windows machine. to running app correctly I need to create a properties file like "~/.app.properties". and in that file, I should point the app to my pem file and the ssh keys. the File contains:

SSH Public key to install into VM instances
Secondary login (works with ssh.other.pubkey)
Secondary public SSH keys 
Should the secondary account have sudo privileges
Path to XTerm executable on your system

After running this app it doesn't follow lines in the properties file but in Linux it does.

Update: application tells that put properties file in $HOME/.app.properties, where i can find this folder in windows?

  • $Home indicates the same directory as the application typically – Ramhound Jan 22 at 20:38
  • @Ramhound I put properties file the same directory as the application. still doesn't work. – Arash Jan 23 at 0:44

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