I want to make a rule for when emails are sent to specific users/groups IN THE CC BOX. The "sent to" conditional appears to only pick up emails when the users/groups are in the TO BOX. Also, I can only see a rule for the CC field for MY NAME, e.g. "where my name is in the Cc box".

UPDATE I've searched the internet for a couple of days and haven't found a solution.

I've created a rule that works fine if the users/groups are in the TO BOX but the "sent to" clause doesn't catch emails that CC my Group_I_Am_In.

Is there something equivalent I can do when my Group is in the CC box?


  • Hi Eddie, and welcome to Superuser. It's a good start for a question, but I don't really know if you already looked into solutions for this on-line. To prevent that people will provide you with answers that you already tried (and didn't work for you), could you please include your own research and indicate what you've already tried? – Saaru Lindestøkke Jan 21 at 17:05
  • currently, outlook seems to only have option to filter email that are cc or bcc to your own address. You can visit the Outlook user voice forum: outlook.uservoice.com to vote for a similar idea or post your own feedback. – Perry Jan 22 at 5:35

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