I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro. I've had Google File Stream stop three times now. The first time I was completely puzzled, so I reinstalled it. The second time I used Windows search to find the app and started it manually. I can't recall any precursor events for those instances.

Today, after I re-started Windows to finish an update, Google File Stream was not running. I searched for it and it does not show up. I tried reinstalling it, and the installer objected that I had a newer version installed. I found it in Control Panel:Programs and Features. See the attached image. Note the little bit of a folder at the bottom right that shows the status of my google drive as "not syncing".

I'm going to uninstall and re-install, but I would like to fix this problem. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks, BenScreen shot showing Windows Search, Programs and Features, and the Google drive folder


This happens regularly with some products, after a major Windows update resets some registry settings or software components.

I also have products that require re-installation after Windows Update. There is no other solution, unfortunately.

Usually uninstallation is not required - you may just re-install or repair the product, depending on whether a Repair option is available for it in Control Panel > Programs and Features.

  • Thanks. I just tried a "clean" restart (no updates) and Drive File Stream still did not start up automatically. – Volga89 Jan 21 at 21:13

Part of the problem is that Control Panel:Programs and Features lists Google Drive File Stream, but in the context of Windows search it is listed as Drive File Stream, and Windows search matches exactly from left to right. I finally found it, and got it re-started

I'd still like to know why Drive File Stream does not re-start after a Windows re-start.

  • That's the old name, before rebranding. – harrymc Jan 21 at 21:49

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