I can't figure out how to stop chrome from adding on words to things that i've typed before in the search bar. for example, i have searched for "navy beans nutritiondata.self" previously. Now whenever i start typing "navy bean"... it completes the thing I typed before, "navy beans nutritiondata.self", so I have to press back space in order to just search for "navy beans". I already turned off "use a prediction service to autocomplete text in the search bar, which was found under settings/advanced/privacy. Any help?

  • Have you looked at the related questions in the "Related" list (on the right)? – Scott Jan 22 at 0:02
  • I just did. I saw a similar topic, but i don't think it was actually resolved, and they are trying to do something a bit different than me. – Milo Godeke Jan 22 at 20:09

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