This monitor (Iiyama ProLite) is about 5+ years old and worked well until a week ago.

About the issue:

  • It appeared from time to time.
  • It disappeared after about 1-10 seconds.
  • It always disappeared after monitor is turned off and on immediately.
  • The snow and static is gray and contains some red, blue and green spots which appeared and disappeared very quickly. Similar to static and interference at cathode-ray monitors. Here is image (color spots can not be viewed due to low resolution)

enter image description here


Before I spotted this issue I moved Windows OS from one motherboard to another. And "replaced" the built-in intel video card with Radeon RX550. The cable is the same. But this was about 3 week ago. The problem appeared a bit later.

Some thoughts

The problem can be caused by:

  • The Drive: But in this case power on/off should not "repair" the monitor.
  • The Cable: But cable is not touched and power button toggle cannot "repair" cable.
  • Monitor Motherboard: Something wrong with monitor mother board. The most probable cause but I am not sure.

Does anybody know why it happens? Is it monitor issue or not?


Monitor connected via DVI-to-HDMI cable.

  • What display connection are you using? VGA? DVI? HDMI? DisplayPort? – Daniel B Jan 22 at 14:43
  • What is exact model of Iiyama ProLite is this? Also, 5 years is about the time I had my Samsung LCD screen act up on me in a similar way. No idea what happened but if I connected and disconnected the display cable, the screen wold be clear again. Meaning, this is most likely an issue with a component in the LCD display itself. Might consider the display “dead” and just get a new one. – JakeGould Jan 22 at 14:59
  • Added connection cable to question description. – Cherry Jan 23 at 15:27

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