I have a developer VM that hold a mysql server that we use for development.

When we were using XUbuntu 14.04 and later 16.04 our developer's fixture was loaded in 15 seconds using an ant script (and some internal tools).

Our team now changed operating system. Instead of Xubuntu 16.04 we all use Ubuntu 18.04.

Ever since we changed the OS, the loading of the data takes much longer (5 minutes on my machine, even 20 minutes on another developer's machine.

We didn't change anything in the VM (which is an Ubuntu 12.04 server, 32 bit) but use the same appliance we always have.

I then tried to make things faster by moving everything in a docker container (Ubuntu 14.04 32 bit). It made it a bit faster, but not much (3 minutes, 40 seconds now).

I did some digging and found out that there is some link between file systems and mysql. However, I use an ext4 file system for my OS (as I did before).

Does anyone have another idea why it suddently is this much slower to run this? To summarize:

Host: Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit, ext4 file system
VM: Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit
Docker: Ubuntu 14.04 32 bit
MySQL Version: 5.6.*
Tool to run: ant script running a makefile which is then running an external tool (which is why we use 32 bit)


//EDIT: I forgot to mention that I did set barrier=0 in the fstab for the affected filesystem.

  • Nobody an idea? – Fish-Guts Feb 1 at 7:11

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