This is one of those that's very difficult to Google, and also extremely frustrating.

With Chrome Devtools Console open, when I begin to type the word var, when I press the a in var, the Devtools window responds as if it has received a keyboard shortcut to close, and closes.

  • Typing va in other textboxes/input areas (for example: this one) just does what it's supposed to (types va).
  • Typing v followed by any other letter just does what it's supposed to.
  • Typing a by itself, or followed by any other letter does what it supposed to.
  • Typing any letter followed by an a does what it supposed to.
  • I've opened the OSK and can confirm that there are no sticky keys pressed and that the only two letters that the only two letters being pressed are v followed by an a.
  • I've tested known keyboard shortcuts with various modifiers, to see if I could identify a meta key that was stuck: For example, I focused on a chrome window and typed t to test if CTRL was stuck, as CTRL+T would open a new tab. Nothing showed up there.
  • I've looked through the keyboard shortcuts in chrome to see if there were any hints there. There were none.
  • I've created a javascript method that listened for keypress input and logged the keys pressed. (This one is suspect, because I can attach a handler to the window, but I don't believe thet console pays any attention to keypress handlers on itself).
  • I've updated / restarted Chrome.

This is the weirdest, most specific computer problem I've ever had. As I have occasion to type var in the Chrome developer tools console frequently, I would greatly like to resolve this. It's driving me a bit crazy.

NOTE: Because I wouldn't believe it if someone else told me, I've made a gif to demonstrate this behavior (note - this is site independent. I just used stackoverflow, because I had an open tab).

Chrome Devtools Console bug

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