I bought and set up a Archer VR400 as an access point (Connected LAN to LAN with the main modem-router, DHCP was disabled). Everything looked like it is working. The VR400 served one Lan client and few wireless ones.

I also connected the router a USB external storage. It was recognized by the outer as it was displayed in the management interface. However, the hard drive was not accessible by the other VR400 clients. They didn't even see it.

I wounder why whether it is one the following reasons:

  1. I did not changed the VR 400 IP address, and it was outside the main router subnet
  2. DCPH is disabled, which is must.
  3. This device according the TP-Link support does not support Access Point mode. They refuse to say what is the problem if any, and wont discuss anything else. They only recommend the C7 router, that have an operation mode "Access Point", without needing any manual setting (like disabling DHCP).

For now, I have returned the router, but still considering buying it again.

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