I had a colleague send me the name of a hidden UNC share on our network about a year ago and that employee is no longer around. The path was something like:


I no longer have the name of the UNC path to the directory I need to access and no one else seems to know what I'm talking about, but I would definitely be able to identity the correct path if I could see the hidden UNC and all subdirectories. For example, if I could browse to \\mydomain.com\my_hidden_directory$\, I could easily click into the my_hidden_directory folder and navigate from there. Is there a way for me to list all hidden directories accessible to me on a domain so that I could discover the name of the my_hidden_directory path? I'm guessing there is some powershell script or command I could issue to discover these hidden UNC paths on my domain?


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    Assuming you have Admin privileges, you can log on to the domain controller where this folder is hosted, run Computer Management, System Tools->Shared Folders->Shares. If you don't have those privileges, ask your admin. They may have other ways of looking, as well. – Christopher Hostage Jan 22 at 21:07

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