Is there a way to find out information as to what device created the data on a CD-Rom in addition to when the disk was formatted and burned? I have a friend facing criminal charges based solely on a disk that was found in his home. He does not own a device capable of burning or even reading a CD-Rom. He believes the disk was created and planted by a specific individual. It would be helpful to identify the make/model of device it was burned on and the dates and times that it was formatted and the disk was created. Would a digital forensics expert be able to extract this type of information simply from a Disk? We are willing to pay someone. Just to note, it is a file that contains several pictures and videos. It is not an audio or playable DVD disk.

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    Not sure this is on topic for SU. Anyway, is the disk not in the possession of the authorities? – spikey_richie Jan 23 at 8:59
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    System date and almost any IDs, type descriptions can be changed on the device used for burning fairly easily. So even getting those probably wouldn't prove anything. You probably need to start in another direction. – Máté Juhász Jan 23 at 9:05
  • See this....researchgate.net/publication/… – Moab Jan 23 at 14:03
  • Yes, the disk is in the possession of the authorities, but as official evidence in a case, can be examined by the defense at the request of the attorney. The authorities are not interested in finding out who created the disk as much as using the contents for prosecution. The person that likely created the disk, isn't savvy enough to cover their tracks by changing information prior to burning it. – Kelly T Jan 24 at 20:34

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