Many shortcuts require to use the + or - keys.

Example :

  • zoom or dezoom with Chrome : CTRL + or -.

  • some websites (such as this one) use + or - keys to do certain actions

(I have a laptop with no mousewheel / no numpad).

Problem: with a FR keyboard (non-US):

  • CTRL + works but CTRL - doesn't work in Chrome
  • the website I mentioned doesn't recognize -

Question: is there a workaround to make - recognized as it should be? Maybe using AutoHotkey?

Note: the - is on the 6 - | key below F6:

enter image description here

  • What about ctrl + shift + 6? – Mokubai Jan 23 at 12:07
  • @Mokubai Doesn't work. Ctrl + 6 doesn't work either. Sidenote: on a FR keyboard, "Shift + 6" gives 6 and the "6" key alone gives -... Said in another way: digits are obtained with Shift (this is different to US keyboard!) – Basj Jan 23 at 12:08
  • I believe this issue related to laptops only. I do not have any issues with full-sized non-US (RU) keyboard. – montonero Jan 23 at 12:38
  • Buy an external numpad only keyboard – DavidPostill Jan 23 at 12:39
  • 1
    I'd use AutoHotkey to remap keys or key combinations to other ones. Advantage: you can make a remapping context-sensitive, that is you can assign a key(-combination) to do different actions in different programs, depending on your needs. – user3419297 Jan 23 at 18:18

You can remap a key combo with Autohotkey, like this:

#IfWinActive ahk_exe appname.exe

    send ^{-}

Where appname is name of your executable so this key combo works only within this app.

Edit: the above code does not work in Chrome for some reason (although works in Firefox and other software, strange).

Below is working code, works for me in Chrome, Win 10. It rebinds both - and Ctrl -. It looks a bit strange but works well.

NOTE: for correct functionality the script must be executed only when EN layout is on. Otherwise it may substitute all hotkeys with other key values depending on current layout.

    send ^{SC00C}

    send {-}

Or you can bind it to numpad minus, which should work in Chrome and many other apps as zoom out.

    send ^{NumpadSub}

    send {NumpadSub}

See special keys documentation for tips on how to find out scancodes for different keys.

  • Thanks for your answer. I already use AutoHotkey a lot, but here I don't know which key to change with which other one. With your code ^SC00C:: send ^{SC00C} which key do you replace with which other one? (I see SC00C twice, is it a typo?) Do you have FR keyboard too? – Basj Jan 23 at 21:24
  • @Basj see the update with working solution and some tips. – Mikhail V Jan 24 at 22:30

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