How can i Exclude All Subsites & All Subdomains From Google Search Results.

I want to do With Autohotkey a Google Query Search that is able to do this:

1 - searching into all the existing Homepages on Internet. Results: www.allsites.com

2 - Without Subdomains Results: www.???.allsites.com

3 - and Without Subsites Results: www.allsites.com/.../.../...

I did Write this AHK Script,

With this you can select text and do a search.

1 - These search results are only come from out One Homepage and not from all Homepages.

(site:autohotkey.com but i want this site:*.com -/ and then exclude all the subsites Results)

2 - And the search results are included with all the subsites.

#SingleInstance force

; + = Shift
; ! = Alt
; ^ = Ctrl
; # = Win (Windows logo key)

GroupAdd, Browser, ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1 ; Chrome or Iron
GroupAdd, Browser, ahk_class IEFrame            ; Internet Explorer
GroupAdd, Browser, ahk_class MozillaWindowClass ; FireFox
GroupAdd, Browser, ahk_class ApplicationFrameWindow ; Edge


;select text and do a [site:autohotkey.com] search 
f1:: ; Click <f1> Key to do a google search
If WinActive("ahk_group Browser")
send ^c ;copy the selected text to clipboard memory
sleep 150
send ^t ;CTRL+t - new tab + goto address bar
sleep 150
texta = https://www.google.com/?gfe_rd=cr&gws_rd=cr#q=site:autohotkey.com+ 
textb = %clipboard% ;selected text
textc = &lr=lang_us&hl=us&num=100 ; google parameters
sleep 150
send ^v ; paste the selected text 
sleep 250
send {enter}

Note: the reason why i want this is, scrub/clean all the backlinks/articles that is pointing to the same Homepage, so that you will find all the relevant Homepages related to that keyword.

homepage vs subdomains

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