So my situation is like this:

I have an old 2TB HDD with 2 partitions: one for Windows and programs, and the other for storage. Last week Windows 10 crashed and I couldn't repair it.

I bought a new SSD and planned to create a dual-boot system.

While waiting for the SSD to arrive, I installed Ubuntu on my old HDD, on the partition on which Windows was installed. The other partition I left alone, it's still NTFS.

Everything went well, my storage partition was safe and sound. The SSD arrived and I installed Windows 10 on it.

The problem is now I can't access the old HDD. I see its partitions in Disk Management, but I don't know how to proceed so I don't lose anything. If I simply assign a letter to that partition, will it work or will it break?

This is what my disk management situation looks like: enter image description here

Furthermore, I can't boot in Ubuntu now, although in BIOS the old HDD is the primary option. The SSD doesn't even appear in the EZ mode of the UEFI BIOS and it still boots from it.

At this point I am in the position of reinstalling both OSs if I have to, but I do not want to lose the storage partition.

The ideal setup for me would be to access that particular partition from both OSs.

Thank you!

  • No harm in assigning a drive letter, if it will let you. – Moab Jan 23 at 17:43

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