I've been trying to install and configure urbackup onto a FreeNAS FreeBSD server.

I've followed the instructions here as well as trying to follow the instructions here.

However, the first link gives me compile errors when I run:

$ make
$ make install

It returns C++ errors about the array being ambiguous. Switching urbackup version in the wget command to use the 2.1.19 package and that gets further, but errors about a byte.

The second one, we manage to get through the whole list of commands but not able to access the FreeNAS server via http://ipaddress:55414 - just returns


Pinging the server works, ssh all works. It's just the Urbackup server doesn't actually seem to actually install correctly.

How do I install urbackup server on FreeNAS (FreeBSM 11.1)?

Edit: output of netstat

root@freenas[~]# netstat -4l
Active Internet connections
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address                   Foreign Address               (state)
tcp4             0           0        ESTABLISHED
udp4             0           0   .
udp4             0           0   .
udp4             0           0   .
udp4             0           0   .
udp4             0           0           .
udp4             0           0   .
udp4             0           0   .
udp4             0           0   .
udp4             0           0   .
udp4             0           0           .
udp4             0           0   .
udp4             0           0   .
udp4             0           0   .
udp4             0           0   .
udp4             0           0 localhost.ntp                   .
udp4             0           0           .
  • Disable all firewalls. If this helps see this port list. – harrymc Jan 28 '19 at 11:55
  • @harrymc didn't seem to work :s – treyBake Jan 28 '19 at 12:17
  • @treyBake Can you please include the output of netstat -4l? – Jim L. Jan 29 '19 at 0:57
  • @JimL. see updated :) – treyBake Jan 29 '19 at 10:08
  • @treyBake I have to confess to a brain fart. I said netstat when I meant sockstat. Also, I have no FreeNAS experience, treating this as a FreeBSD problem. But my hunch is that the reason you can't connect is because urbackup is not listening/not running. If it IS listening, it should show up in the output of sockstat: sockstat -4 | grep ':55414' or simply sockstat -4 should show the urbackup process by name and PID. I'm also not 100% clear from your post whether you did finally succeed in building from source, or whether you installed from a package via pkg install urbackup. – Jim L. Jan 29 '19 at 18:15

In testing urbackup_server on FreeBSD 11.2, I used these three commands to install, enable and start urbackup_server (and one more to check):

# pkg install urbackup-server
# sysrc urbackup_server_enable=yes
urbackup_server_enable:  -> yes
# service urbackup_server start
Starting urbackup_server.
# sockstat -4 | grep urbackup
urbackup urbackupsr 4287  6  tcp4   *:55414               *:*
urbackup urbackupsr 4287  29 udp4    *:*
urbackup urbackupsr 4287  31 tcp4   *:55413               *:*

Troubleshooting a service that isn't responding generally follows something akin to this path:

Is the software installed?

You should see something like:

# pkg info | grep urbackup
urbackup-server-2.2.11_3     Server component of the UrBackup backup system
# grep urbackup /var/log/messages
Jan 29 10:17:12 hostname pkg[9711]: urbackup-server-2.2.11_3 installed

Does the executable reside in a known location?

# which urbackupsrv

Is the service enabled in /etc/rc.conf?

# grep urbackup /etc/rc.conf

Is the service running?

# sockstat | grep urbackup || echo fail

OTOH, if the service were running, you would see approximately:

# sockstat | grep urbackup || echo fail
urbackup urbackupsr 3992  6  tcp4   *:55414               *:*
urbackup urbackupsr 3992  29 udp4    *:*
urbackup urbackupsr 3992  32 tcp4   *:55413               *:*

Can the service be started?

# service urbackup_server start

Have you modified the stock configuration?

If yes, restore the config file to its original state and try again. It could be a config error or typo that's preventing startup.

Where does the service log errors? Can I make the logging more verbose?

Common places are either to the syslog facility or to stderr. The software docs should tell you. If the service isn't starting, it's likely because the service is throwing an error. Check those log destinations and see if the software is trying to tell you what the problem is.

What if you attempt a manual start of the executable?

Running the service directly from your terminal shell session sometimes offers the chance to do verbose logging, and/or logging to stderr which can be more noticeable than syslog logging. In your specific case, many of the pertinent command-line options can be found with:

urbackupsrv run --help

If you're still stuck after looking at that documentation, I'd suggest:

urbackupsrv run -v debug -e -c /usr/local/etc/urbackup/urbackupsrv.conf

None of this is particularly unique to your case. It's just good general form whenever troubleshooting an issue of this nature. A detailed post listing the specific steps you followed (as opposed to the source you took them from) and the specific error message you encountered can help get results much more quickly, in part because you can demonstrate a logical flow to your troubleshooting methodology.

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