I am having a problem with my wifi module of my computer. I have this problem since 1 2 years but lately It happens so often in a day thats why I need some help.

Problem is my wifi card stops working suddenly for no reason and there is no error or any notification It doesn't see any wifi connection when I restart my computer or disable and enable the device it works fine but can not disable it everytime that happens when I try to disable the device on device manager It doesn't respond and stucks. And when that happens I can not restart my computer because It waits for the devices to shut down but It can not shut down wifi device so I have to hold power button to shut it down.

I have tried to uninstall/install drivers its up to date , checked corrupted windows files no files found. even changed the wifi device it didnt happend for a while then started again so I dont know what might be the problem and how to fix it.

I would like to ask also that Is there any way to kill device or force to kill without device manager so I can restart my computer and no need to shut it down through power button and disable and enable the device so it will start working.

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