I have created a directory which contains some symbolic links of audio files (.mp3, .m4a) from other directories. All the symbolic links I have created are soft links rather than hard links.

But I cannot search through the symbolic linked files, even using file names. Here is a screenshot of File Explorer (i.e., Windows Explorer) to demonstrate the issue: enter image description here

Here, I cannot search with testname keyword, let alone searching with the ID3 tags (such as Track, Title, Contributing artists, etc.) of the actual audio files. Also, notice that the ID3 tags are not visible in File Explorer though they exist.

So, my question is: how can I search through symbolic linked files (soft links) effectively with metadata indexes such as the ID3 tags in case of audio files? I prefer built-in tools/commands of Windows to perform searching. But let me know if any suitable third-party tool/command exists to accomplish the task.

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