I would like to know how can I start with OpenID Connect using java and oracle is there any implemented libraries can I depend on? I need to create the authentication and authorization server also I need to create the clients.

  • Hi Dani, & welcome. Unfortunately, your question is extremely broad. Please narrow it down to (a) more specific problem(s), and be sure to document what you have already done. Left as it is, your question is unlikely to attract useful answers. – Edward Jan 28 at 8:45
  • hello Edward, actually I have read only the documentation of open id connect and OAuth but there is nothing about technical issues and where to start your implementation. most of the documentation is for the client side not the server and I need to know where to start to begin the implementation of the server side. – Dani Eid Jan 28 at 8:55
  • If your question is specifically about suggestions for libraries, you could try Software Recommendations. – Edward Jan 28 at 9:43

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