I have Google Chrome incognito window open with more than 100 tabs. OS: Win10. When I was browsing one site, chrome window suddenly freezed and I can't anymore browse or see any tabs. So I left chrome in it's current state. I wan't to save urls from those chrome tabs. Step-by-step instructions would be helpful.

  1. Does Chrome incognito mode save currently opened tab urls in Chrome profile?
  2. If I close freezed Chrome incognito window will all of tab-urls be lost?
  3. How to recover urls from those 100 tabs?
  4. If I create full memory dump of all Chrome processes using process explorer, how can I find tab urls from it?
  5. Are there any other ways to solve this?

If Chrome were still running, you could "Bookmark (all) open pages... Ctrl+Shift+D", even in an incognito window... but the whole point of incognito mode is to not leave any history of browsing, so once the window's closed the open tabs are forgotten.

Searching all it's memory is an idea... I'm not sure how or if you could differentiate between all the html links in all the webpages vs just the main page URLs.

I tried a test, having only one regular window open with three tabs, and one incognito window with one tab to a unique URL, and only about 200 entries of browsing history and less than a dozen bookmarks. Then:

  1. Used the GNU debugger gcore to make a core dump of my Chromium processes (850MB)
    [I used Linux, but there should be plenty of equivalent windows tools too, for core dumps, strings & grep, like How can I configure windows to generate a core dump from an application?]

  2. Used strings to just find strings of 4+ printable characters (37MB)

  3. grep for the unique URL (unique.com)

The resulting file, lines only containing the unique URL, was 26kb and had 343 lines, all from just one open tab.

  • [There were also some interesting results like http://google.ca/search?q=uniqueURL&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 when I never searched google for the unique URL, and https://staticxx.facebook.com/connect/xd_arbiter.php?...&origin=uniqueURLbut I'm assuming those are from the unique URL's page itself, my Chromium isn't supposed to be googling every URL I type.]

Searching the strings from step 2 for any URL with egrep -o 'https?://[^ ]+' strings-file found 18,292 results.

You might be able to find your 100 lost tabs somewhere in the tens of thousands (or more) of URL's from a memory / core dump, but it might be a lot easier to just search google from your own personal memory of what you were browsing.

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