I have a sheet listing the number of calories for various foods.

Calorie Data

In another sheet I have a list of some of those foods to be used in a meal, and would like to calculate the total number of calories for that particular meal.


How can I lookup the calorie data for each food item in the meal, and then sum each of those values together?

I thought something like =SUM(VLOOKUP(A2:A4,$Sheet1.A2:B13,2,0)) might work but alas not.

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    Do an individual VLOOKUP for each cell in the meal table, then use sum for the total. – fixer1234 Jan 29 at 0:11
  • Try to use SUMPRODUCT function. – Lee Jan 29 at 8:56
  • Great tip while using excel. Never use vlookup, always use index-match. Much more reliable and versatile. – Michthan Jan 29 at 14:38



This will iterate the various parts of the meal in A2:A5 and sum the outputs of the SUMIFS.


Use the B column to grab your calorie count with vlookup, then sum those at the bottom of the column.

B cells next to meal consumed:


Then a simple sum of the column:


Your function above may work as an array function by using cntrl-shift-enter to finalize it and changing your period to an exclamation mark. (untested)

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