There is a popular set of file icons, originally for atom, that I want to use as my windows file icons:

enter image description here From here

I know I can create a .ico file with the icons in it, though I don't know a particularly convenient way. (I download the .svg, then color it, then save it as .ico)

The actual issue I'm having is if I change the icon for a given file, it actually changes the icon for the default program. (If I open .psd .ico, .jpg, .png in photoshop, they will have the same icon.)

How can I change the icon based on the extension alone, and not what is used to open it?

I've noticed photoshop files have several different filetype & icons, while files opened with sublime text all have the same icon.

The photoshop extensions are stored in


and have a registry entry for each type.

The files opened with sublime text are all stored in


So, I assume if I could make individual registry entries for the files that open with sublime text, I would be able to give them unique icons.

Another difference, in FileTypesMan, is the User Choice field is blank for the photoshop files, and is Applications\sublime_text.exe for all the sublime text files.

I don't know enough about windows registry to say if changing it in this way is possible.

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    Not sure if you can change it without adjusting the registry the linked article is for Windows 7 but it may apply to Windows 10 also. – angelofdev Jan 29 at 2:28
  • Following that guide gives the same grouping issue. It edits the registry value of the application that opens the file. – Tain Jan 29 at 3:56
  • How did you get the svg file of a icon? – Biswapriyo Jan 29 at 4:55
  • this repository has the svg's for all the icons in the pack. – Tain Feb 1 at 1:20

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