In windows you can press the Win+E to get the Windows Explorer window to open up any time.

Is there an equivalent global hot-key to get the file explorer to show up in Ubuntu Karmic?

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Open System / Preferences / Keyboard shortcuts

Scroll down to Desktop/Home folder, click on it, then press Win+E.

Click Close.

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Ubuntu 14.04 LTS:

1) Navigate to System Settings => Keyboard => Shortcuts Tab => Launchers

2) Click Home Folder and press Win+E to set the shortcut

3) When complete it should say Super+E to the right of the Home Folder

Keyboard Shortcuts in System Settings

  • The layout has changed in newer versions, but there is now a search bar which means it is easiest to find this shortcut by typing "Home" in there.
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You can open Nautilus by pressing Ctrl+N.

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In Linux, go to System Settings => Keyboard => Custom Shortcuts.

Click on +, write in name box for your as Home Folder and in command box as nautilus.

enter image description here

Click on Add.

Now click on Disabled next to newly created "Home Folder" in Custom Shortcuts. Disabled will change to New Accelerator.

Press any key-combination e.g.Win + E.

Now it will look like below.

enter image description here

Hope it helps!


In Ubuntu 18.04

  • Press Window key,
  • search 'shortcut',
  • you'll have a settings menu for keyboard shortcuts. Dive in.
  • go to the bottom of the screen and click '+' (Add New Shortcut)

Set these :

  • Name: Home,
  • Command: xdg-open . (You can replace '.' with your directory, '.' will open home directory by default).
  • Set Shortcut: Window-Key + E

Alternatively, if you are using Nautilus as file manager. You can do Alt+F2 and type nautilus. You don't even have to finish the whole word since it will auto-complete.

Advantages of this approach are:

  1. A general way of opening all programs whose (partial) name you can remember.
  2. Needn't remapping keys and memorizing them.

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