It is possible to have 2 duplicate Google Chrome install in a machine?

The reason why I need 2 duplicate Google Chrome is because 1 Chrome Application is just for the normal, whereas the other one will import my custom made extension and use it with KIOSK mode to force-redirect to a specific page.

So I know when the KIOSK mode is opened, I couldn't launch the normal Chrome as expected, even though it is possible, I also need to protect the extension being uninstall/disable.

Somehow, I only find this way to secure my custom made extension from being uninstall/disable and also I can create a chrome's shortcut to force-redirect to a specific page.

Thanks for the advanced information. Much appreciate.


I did tried download & install Google Chrome Portable in local Download dir. But when I move it to C:/Program File(x86), it will prompt a error message Error Message. Then If I select YES, the portable browser will be reset. The extension I loaded all lost. Any advise?


Chrome Portable is the best choice to use.

It won't impact to the original Google Chrome, even thought I install some extension on Chrome Portable, still it won't install to original Google Chrome.

And yet, Chrome Portable is a standalone application. So it can't be launch via Window Search, etc. It is only can be launch via installed folder.


Could you try using a sandbox program like Sandboxie or using it as a different user?

  • I don't think Sandboxie is the best idea tho – Jack Wong Jan 30 at 14:43

Download Chromium and install it, then use it for one of your purposes. It's an unbranded Open Source free-as-in-beer version of Chrome missing very few things (mostly phoning home to Google). It uses the same extensions and apps as Chrome does from the same website.

  • I and download the Chromium. But where is the application store path? Because I need to create a shortcut to do the kiosk mode then set the permission of the Chromium folder. And also that user can always Window + Chromium to launch the Chromium, then to remove/disable the extension. – Jack Wong Jan 30 at 14:48
  • Is there any other Chrome Browser Application that I look into? That could be something like standalone browser application, which is don't need to install or anything. So that user only can use the shortcut other than Window + "Application Name" – Jack Wong Jan 30 at 14:55
  • Please kindly review my post updated. I did try Chrome portable. – Jack Wong Jan 30 at 15:41
  • Jack Wong, it uses the same web store, apps, and extensions as Chromium. Links added to my answer above. I prefer it to Portable Chrome, which is why I did not recommend Portable Chrome. – K7AAY Jan 30 at 16:40
  • 1
    Jack Wong, Chromium is NOT Portable Chrome. – K7AAY Jan 31 at 16:46

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