I have following folder structure:


For example:


I need to grab all icon files recursively, add the file extension ".png" to them and copy them to another folder.

That means I want to achieve following result:


For that I want to use standard bash linux scripting.

How could you achieve that?


Maybe I should add that there are more subfolders in the first layer that are not important. That means there exsists for example a folder like:


Such folders should not be scanned.

Additionally, in a "icons" folder there can be files that are not named "icon_xxxxx". Those files should not be moved too.

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Maybe this is a simple solution:

find /source/directory -type f -execdir cp {} `pwd`/destination/directory/\{\}.png \;

Of course you can filter it by name (--name) if you don't want copy every file. Please note if there are files with same name they will be overwritten in /destination/directory/.

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