When I'm trying to send files with Chinese characters over ftp, I am getting:

500 ERROR (Internal Server ERROR) 

through my backend code; It's working fine for english characters but not for Chinese. What is the best possible way to send those files with Chinese names over FTP? Thanks in advance hope best will come.

  • Which operating systems on both ends and which ftp products for server and client. – harrymc Jan 30 at 15:19
  • Server deployed on AWS server and for client its windows OS – NEEL KANTH SHARMA Jan 31 at 8:06
  • Chinese-character files should be transferred using binary mode, e.g. per jscape.com/blog/… and many many others. – Debra Feb 9 at 0:43

The File Transfer Protocol, as defined in RFC959 and later, is one of the oldest protocols on the Internet, using as primary character set the 7-bit ASCII. International characters need a protocol that uses Unicode. Such a protocol is the SSH File Transfer Protocol or SFTP, proposed in RFC2640.

Using an SFTP client, you would be using the UTF-8 protocol on both client and server (if their implementation follows the standard). Windows 10 contains the command-line utility sftp. Or as alternative you could use a third-party utility such as the free WinSCP.


Use FTP binary transfer, rather than ASCII (ANSI) and zip files to hide filenames.

  • but if i do send them in zip, zipped folder name must be in Chinese. so here the problem is same again . i have not sure about that my server support FTP binary transfer, so i will try that too. and thanks for your valueable response and time – NEEL KANTH SHARMA Jan 30 at 18:58
  • Windows does not support certain characters in filenames, e.g. forward slash and colon. Perhaps some multibyte Chinese characters contain illegal characters. Are there versions of Chinese, e.g. Hanyu Pinyin, that are more usable? – DrMoishe Pippik Jan 30 at 22:17
  • we need to send those files and folders with smiplifed chinese characters – NEEL KANTH SHARMA Jan 31 at 8:08
  • Test which characters cause issues and don't use 'em. – DrMoishe Pippik Jan 31 at 18:35

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